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El Paso Health Network

"The El Paso Health Network is an information-based website that provides stories, news, pictures, downloadables, jobs, directions and more. Anyone who is looking for health and medical information is welcomed to use this website."

Network of El Paso Health Businesses

The El Paso Health Network is a wide network of health-based resources. As a key provider for health information, we aim to provide readers with useful information that has been combined into one source of online information under one URL.

A central hub of useful content..

El Paso is a big city with a strong medical community. We've created a wide array of useful content about El Paso businesses and put them all in one central hub of useful content. The content on this site includes information such as mobility equipment, oxygen therapy, rehabilitation, nutritional programs, service animals, food banks and more.

Network of Professionals

We want to enable professionals a way to connect and contribute their specialties to our readers. If you are a health professional, please consider submitting your special skills to our network. Your contributions will help us to maintain our mission by striving to create a network of excellence that reflect basic core values.

El Paso Health Network

Our industry members are a diverse group of business owners and independent workers. Our latest member is a dog trainer who trains German Shepherds for therapy and working applications.

Our network is mainly for El Paso businesses, however, we will consider providers from other Texas areas as well as other states. This includes physicians, physician groups, specialists, ancillary providers and hospitals offering comprehensive care.


The Merriam-Webster's definition for the word resource is defined as,

"a source of supply or support : an available means - usually used in plural."

The El Paso Health Network wants to become a reliable resource of information that is readily available to you.

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El Paso News & Stories - If you are someone who keeps up with current events, then the El Paso Health Network will be a good source to remember. Our news feeds will keep you informed as current events unfold and new stories develop. Advances in the health industry are always making headlines, and our updated content is published to help you, your family, and your friends to stay informed.

Promotions - We promote our members with free advertising through email marketing campaigns. There are several options that are available to you, and you can choose the one that will best fit your needs. Our daily campaigns options cover the City of El Paso and surrounding, Eastern New Mexico, the State of Texas, and other parts of the United States.

Careers Information - Our network is a provider for health care careers in EL Paso. Working for one of our affiliates means you are working with a group of caring professionals who share your passion. By joining our health network, you'll have the opportunity to apply for various jobs that are available in El Paso and surrounding. Careers »

Downloadables - Our download center includes forms for amateur/professional sports physical exams, new patients, payment authorization, weight loss brochures, promotional flyers and more.

Video - Our current video is a brief 14 minute long segment of our network. We are currently in the process of creating more videos, so please check back with us from time to time.


Over 6 million Americans use mobility devices to assist them with regular activities. These devices include wheelchairs, scooters, canes, crutches, walkers and more. Some of these mobility devices are sophisticated, and some are simple. Regardless of their functioning aspects, almost half of all mobility users are unable to perform the major of their daily activities.

New ideas for accessibilty are always bringing advancements to Americans who rely on mobility products and accessories. A considerable amount of time and money is poured into research and development of mobility parts and equipment. We want to bring some of these products together so you can make a wise decision based on your particular needs.

New Members

As a new member, you'll automatically qualify for our free promotional benefits. You'll start receiving the benefits as soon as your membership is approved. Your business will have a presence on our website in the form of a banner ad or full page ad. There are other options available, you can choose the ones you want.

Medical Websites

If your medical business doesn't have a website, then it should be your next goal. A website is a visual representation of your business, so it should be designed with a layout that gives the viewer confidence and builds trust. A medical website doesn't have to be sophisticated, instead, the right combination of a professional logo, relevant text, and simple images is all it takes.

Your primary goal should be to schedule more appointments. And a modern, functional website will do just that. Yes, get more people to see your site and schedule appointments with a simple, yet modern medical website.

MedicalWebsiteDesign.. Medical websites have the potential of working very well within a network of other medical websites. The whole process is really quite easy, and once a medical website is complete, it is easy to link it up to other medical affiliates.

Our Intention: "To give El Pasoan's a way to connect and contribute their knowledge (and wisdom) to our readers."

Our Mission: "Empowering you through information!"

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