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When it comes to quality health care, people have a lot of questions. And since we can't answer every question, we at least want to offer our free network to anyone who has questions and concerns about their health and health of their loved one's. We have forged partnerships with local health services to help you learn more about nearly any health topic.

Available Systems for Oxygen Therapy

There are several ways oxygen therapy is supplied: Compressed oxygen gas and liquid oxygen are two ways to have oxygen delivered to you at your home or business. Oxygen gas is stored in tanks or cylinders of steel or aluminum. These tanks come in many sizes, larger ones are usually used at home, and smaller ones are used for traveling. Larger amounts of oxygen can be stored in smaller, more convenient containers than compressed oxygen, however, the disadvantage is that it cannot be kept for a long time because it will evaporate. Oxygen concentrators are also available to use in the home. An oxygen concentrator is an electric device and produces oxygen by concentrating the oxygen that is already in the air and removing other gases. This method is less expensive, easier to maintain, and doesn't require refilling. There are drawbacks but several reliable portable oxygen concentrators have been improved and allow you to easily leave the home and enjoy recreational activities.

For more information call the American Lung Association Lung HelpLine at 1-800-LUNG-USA (1-800-586-4872).

"We want to serve El Pasoans' to make good decisions regarding individual and family health by offering free and helpful information!"

Rehabilitation for Children, Adult, Speech and Occupational Therapies

The type of therapy and goals of therapy may be different according to the individual. An older adult who has had a stroke may simply want rehabilitation to be able to dress or bathe without help. A younger adult who has suffered a heart attack may go through cardiac rehabilitation to try to return to work. Someone with a lung disease may get pulmonary rehabilitation to be able to breathe better and improve their quality of life. A child with behavioral problems may need guidance and direction from a trained and caring professional.

Our rehab center offers a one-stop facility for your needs and the needs of your family. We try our best to provide a wide range of rehabilitative services plus specialized services that allow non-mobile patients the comfort of home care in their homes. We also provide patients with free transportation to our out-patient facility with the medical equipment still within reach. Our online referral program will allow a physician to send patient information online while still maintaining the highest level of confidentiality. Call us for more information.

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Prepare For Emergencies

The likelihood that you and your family will survive a house fire depends as much on having a working smoke detector and an exit strategy, as on a well-trained fire department. The same is true for surviving a terrorist attack or other emergency. We must have the tools and plans in place to make it on our own, at least for a period of time, no matter where we are when disaster strikes. Just like having a working smoke detector, preparing for the unexpected makes sense. GET READY NOW.

Get a Kit
Make a Plan
Be Informed
Get Involved

Find out how by visiting or calling 1-800-BE-READY.

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