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Oxygen Therapy

Available Systems for Oxygen Therapy

There are several ways oxygen therapy is supplied:

  • Compressed Oxygen Gas: Steel or aluminum cylinder tanks, which contain oxygen gas, are available in several sizes. The larger ones are best for the home and the smaller sizes are portable.
  • Oxygen Concentrators: Concentrators plug into an electrical outlet and take oxygen from air that is in the room. Oxygen is concentrated by separating it from other gases. The device does not need refilling. If you are active, there are now portable oxygen concentrators available.
  • Liquid Systems: Liquid systems have two parts - a large stationary container and a portable unit with a small lightweight tank. You can refill your portable unit from the stationary unit.

Alpha Oxygen of El Paso

Alpha Oxygen of El Paso offers the following services..

  • Oxygen Therapy
  • Portable Oxygen
  • Mobility Equipment
  • Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Oxygen therapy can be delivered to your body by a few different methods:

  • Cannula: A cannula is commonly used to deliver oxygen. It is a small plastic tube placed under the nostrils which delivers oxygen to the airways. Oxygen can also be delivered similarly by a facemask.
  • Transtracheal Oxygen Catheter: A transtracheal oxygen catheter can be used when oxygen therapy is used continuously for long periods at a high flow rate. A thin tube is placed in your neck so oxygen is delivered directly into your windpipe (trachea).
  • Oxygen Saving Device: If you need oxygen at a high flow rate or want to be very active, ask Alpha Oxygen about an oxygen saving device. These devices include reservoir or demand delivery.

When living with a condition or disease that requires supplemental oxygen, there are conveniences that you should be aware of. Although it may take a while to adjust to a lifestyle of using an oxygen machine, advancements in oxygen therapy technology have provided easy methods that allow you to get the oxygen you need to breathe easier while maintaining your freedom and independence.

Benefits of Portable Oxygen Concentrators (POC)

A portable oxygen machine can make breathing easier. There are many benefits of a portable oxygen concentrator...

  • Increases survival in some patients
  • Allows you to exercise longer and improves exercise performance
  • Improves mental alertness and brain health
  • Gives you a better night's sleep
  • Oxygen therapy makes you feel good by improving moods
  • Increases stamina

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Alpha Oxygen of El Paso

For more information about oxygen therapy, call (915) 843-3334.


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El Paso, TX.

American Lung Association

For more information call the American Lung Association Lung HelpLine at 1-800-586-4872.


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