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Rehabilitation for Children, Adult, Speech and Occupational Therapies

The type of therapy and goals of therapy may be different according to the individual.

  • An older adult who has had a stroke may simply want rehabilitation to be able to dress or bathe without help.
  • A person who has suffered a heart attack may go through cardiac rehabilitation to try to return to work.
  • Someone with a lung disease may get pulmonary rehabilitation to be able to breathe better and improve their quality of life.
  • A child with behavioral problems may need guidance and direction from a trained and caring professional.

The risk of a heart attack increases as a person gets older. However, over the past decade, the prevalence of a heart attack occuring in those under the age of 40 appears to have increased.

Omega Rehab Services

Our rehab center offers a one-stop facility for your needs and the needs of your family. We try our best to provide a wide range of rehabilitative services plus specialized services that allow non-mobile patients the comfort of home care in their homes. We also provide patients with free transportation to our out-patient facility with the medical equipment still within reach. Our online referral program will allow a physician to send patient information online while still maintaining the highest level of confidentiality.

We specialize in rehabilitative methods for minor and serious injuries in children and adults, and offer complete orthopedic care for chronic conditions involving back, spine, knee, hip and other ailing joints. Pasos Home Health Inc was recognized and ceritified in 1996 by Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services as a home health agency that promotes health and improves the quality of life.

For more information on the different types of rehabilitation, visit Integris »

We are a caring group of creative and knowledgeable professionals who strive to restore patients for optimal health. We do it by providing specialized treatment with compassionate, hands-on treatments, as well as specific and general plans for families in need of solutions to everyday problems.

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Omega Rehab of El Paso

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