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Food Bank Locations El Paso

There are several locations around El Paso where people can get food relief. Click here to find available locations »

What is a food bank?

A food bank is at the top of the distribution chain of food storage and distribution. They collect the food and then distribute it to various food pantry locations in El Paso whereby they in turn distribute the food to individuals in need. Food banks use pantries and other food relief charities to distribute for them and usually do not themselves give out food directly to people struggling with hunger.

U.S. food banks are all different, ranging from small operations to very large facilities that store and distribute millions of pounds of food each year. In El Paso, there is one primary food bank, El Pasoans Fighting Hunger (EPFH), and it is a member of Feeding America, the nation's largest hunger relief network. EPFH is the distribution center for over 132 pantries throughout the borderland southwest, including churches, schools and shelters. They also work along with other hunger initiatives that assists in SNAP. Food banks rely on donors and volunteers to carry out their day-to-day operations.

Food Bank Locations by West, Central and Northeast:

West - Vinton, TX: - Bill Childress Elementary School - 7700 Cap Carter Road - Mon & Fri. from 10AM-2PM
West: - Abundant Living Faith Center WEST at 7100 N. Desert Blvd. on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday from 10AM-2PM.
Central: - Kelly Center for Hunger Relief at 915 N. Florence on Tuesday through Friday from 10AM-2PM & Saturday from 9AM-12PM.
Northeast: - Katie's Pantry at 4801 Sun Valley - Monday through Friday from 10AM-2PM.

Other Food Bank Locations:

The Kelly Center for Hunger Relief - assists El Pasoans facing hunger and works against food insecurity. Their address is at 915 N. Florence Street in El Paso Texas, 79902. Phone: 1-915-261-7499
El Pasoans' Fighting Hunger - wants to combat the hunger crisis in our region by strategically procuring and distributing nutritious food through community partners... because no one should go hungry. Located at 9541 Plaza Circle, El Paso, TX 79927. Phone: 1-915-298-0353.
Holy Spirit Episcopal Church Food Pantry - Located at 10500 Kenworthy Street El Paso, TX - 79924. Phone: 1-915-821-1362
Montwood Church Of Christ - Located 11845 Bob Mitchell Drive El Paso, TX, 79936 Phone: 1-915-855-9896.
Centro Nueva Vida Iglesia - Located at 11627 Socorro Road El Paso, TX, 79927. Phone: 1-915-288-4531.
Dame La Mano Crisis Center - Located at 1014 S. Virginia Street El Paso, TX, 79901. Phone: 1-915-546-4040
Apostolic Assembly Templo Alpha y Omega - Located at 480 S. Yarbrough Drive El Paso, TX, 79915. Phone: 1-915-859-2534.
Youth Impact - Located at 3000 Fort Boulevard El Paso, TX, 79930 Phone:1-915-777-2334.
Northeast Community Food Pantry - Located at 5501 Wren Ave. El Paso, TX, 79924. Phone: 1-915-755-8206.

Map of Food Pantry Locations

Questions & Answers About Visiting a Food Pantry

Making the decision to visit a food pantry can be a tough one. Many people who are in need of food relief do not seek the assistance they need because of fear, embarrassment or pride. Here are some myths and facts about pantries.

Q: Do I have to be unemployed?
A: No. It makes no difference whether you have a job or not, pantries receiving food from food banks will not ask for your employment status.

Q: Will I need to show any kind of documentation?
A: Maybe. At some pantries, you may be asked to provide a form of identification and/or proof of your address. You may also be asked how many people live with you. It's advisable that you call ahead to ask a pantry about any eligibility or documentation requirements they might have. Most likely, you will not need to provide a referral or income statement.

Q: Do I have to be eligible for SNAP (food stamps) in order to qualify for pantry services?
A: No. You do not need to qualify for or be receiving other assistance in order to visit a food pantry.

Q: Do I have to be homeless to qualify for food pantry services?
A: No. You do not have to be homeless to use food pantry services. In fact, many of the people that use food pantries are not homeless.

Q: Can I make multiple visits to a pantry?
Yes: While some pantries restrict visits due to the volume of clientele and available food, you are welcome to visit multiple times.

Q: Do food pantries only provide food?
A: It depends. While some pantries only provide food, many agencies in the Food Bank's network provide a variety of non-food options such as personal care items, paper products, and back-to-school supplies.

The majority of food pantries allow people in need to decide their own basic eligibility criteria. Again, it's still advisable to call the food pantry first and find out what their food availability is and what documentation you might be required to show.

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