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Visiting Someone in the Hospital

Visiting Someone in the Hospital "Visiting someone in the hospital is a proactive effort to assist an individual in need of human attention. The attention you give can be any special attribute you possess and are willing to share."

Visiting Hearts

Visiting Hearts is a very special visiting service in El Paso, and is especially designed to aid people in need of simple companionship during a difficult situation. They are a group of compassionate caregivers who are willing to donate their time and attention to people in the hospital. Just about anybody with the desire to give attention to someone in need can qualify as a Visiting Heart member. You're not required to possess any special talent or skill, rather, just the desire to aid someone in need of fellowship from another human being.

Based on principles of compassion and understanding, Visiting Hearts was founded on the true life experiences of Joe H. Uranga. His experiences inspired the idea for a unique way to connect with others in need. The idea is to invite caring individuals to sign up and create a profile, and then submit that profile so that others can view your profile and learn a little about you. Once your profile is active, you are now a Visiting Heart. As a Visiting Heart, others who are in the hospital, respite or in a home care situation can view your profile and contact you and request your companionship. Visiting Hearts are asked to provide a list their interests, hobbies, lifestyle, age, gender and language(s) they speak and post it in their own member profile.

Custom Designed Fun Filled Visits

Your generous contribution of time will come in several ways - showing compassion, providing a gift, offering advice, providing entertainment, becoming friends, or just being physically present and spending time with someone. You may not realize it, but just being present in the same room can provide encouragement for someone who needs it.

Everyone has something to offer another person in need, and it doesn't have to be a special talent, skill or advantage. It only has to be a little of your time and effort that will do a lot for someone who is in the hospital. And maybe you're someone with the "gift of gab," yes, that will do just fine too, especially for someone who is lonely and just needs someone to talk to.

Who has the right to visit a patient in a hospital?

Anyone has a legal right to visit someone in the hospital along as the patient allows the visit. The patient, as well as the patient's legal guardian, can give permission. In the past, hospitals could restrict friends, co-workers and other non-related individuals to only close family members. But in 2010, a federal law changed how hospitals can regulate visitors, and now any hospital that receives federal funding must grant visitation privileges to all visitors, regardless of whether they're legally or biologically related to the patient.

Hospitals can still place certain restrictions on visitation hours and limit the number of visitors at one time or during a specific time span. They can also deny access to patients based on safety concerns.

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