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Support Dogs

Dogs can go far beyond the regular scope of just being a friend to humans, they can also play an important role as aids to humans with emotional problems.

Florida Dog Academy

The Florida Dog Academy has what you want in a reliable pedigree support dog, whether it's a working dog or a friendly companion to add to your family.


7551 SW Citrus Blvd.
Palm City, FL

Dogs act in playing an important role as aids to humans with emotional problems. All of the dogs at the Florida Dog Academy come from the finest blood lines of german shepherd. We can supply you with an emotional support german shepherd anywhere in Texas and the greater U.S. We have adult dogs, as well as puppies, that will serve as the finest support therapy dogs and can arrive at your location in El Paso Texas. This can cover a range of support for people who need assistance with typical emotional stress and psychiatric disabilities.

Dogs have unique abilities that supersede their simple nature when around humans. Their humble way of acting when interacting with a person makes them a very special kind of animal. And when it comes to animals in general, especially domesticated ones, a dog is one of the most dedicated and loyal of all to its master.

Comfort Animals for Support

Emotional support dogs (or comfort animals) use their special traits to provide emotional support to their owners. Consider these benefits:

  • companionship and decreasing feelings of loneliness
  • relief from anxiety
  • relief from depression
  • help with phobias
  • may help to improve level and effectiveness in social interactions
  • may offer improvement in physical and cognitive functioning
  • may help in loosing weight and increase overall health
  • adds meaning and purpose to life

Emotional Support Animals

Support animals do not need special training to perform specific tasks that directly assist people with physical disabilities. Their basic purpose is only to bring joy and comfort into the life of an ordinary person. A dog can be your best friend when everyday life becomes too hard and you need a way to alleviate stress and anxiety. We will provide you with a beautiful dog that will act as your life-long companion and give you a way to ease the stress of a mental or emotional hardship. Take your dog with you everywhere you go by qualifying them as an emotional support animal. Get the companionship and affection that you desire from your pet.

Americans with Disabilities Act

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires that all public and privately owned businesses such as restaurants, stores, hotels, sports facilities and more allow people to bring their emotional support and service animals onto business premises in the same areas that customers are allowed.


Call us if you need help registering your dog as a support animal. We are here to help people with special needs attain proper registration for an emotional support dog. Most people will rely on their dog to assist them in a variety of ways, and we can ensure that wherever you go, airports, restaurants, shopping centers, you'll have your therapy dog properly identified as a true emotional support dog.

Department of Transportation (DOT)

The Department of Transportation recently announced it will revise its rules when flying on commercial airlines with emotional support animals and will no longer consider them to be service animals. The revised Air Carrier Access Act rules define a service animal as..

"a dog that is individually trained to do work or perform tasks for the benefit of a person with a disability," according to a release from the U.S. DOT. "

DOT says it no longer considers an emotional support animal to be a service animal, giving the airlines a green light to ban them if they don't fit established rules about pets.

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