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Mobility Products

Mobility parts and equipment assist physically disabled individuals by helping them to live a happy and productive lifestyle. People with physical challenges should have the resources needed to find and attain the basic mobility products they deserve.

A considerable amount of time and money is poured into research and development of mobility equipment such scooters, wheelchairs, lifts, accessories and more. New ideas for accessibility are always bringing advancements for those who rely on mobility products and accessories. El Paso is fortunate to have several good companies who can supply you with quality and durable mobility products, however, not all willing to supply free products to those who cannot afford them.

Companies that provide free medical equipment for the disabled..

Mobility equipment and supplies can be expensive, so there may be some people that cannot afford it. Consequently, many families with disabled members struggle with other aspects of life making difficult to deal with basic tasks. Fortunately, there are organizations that supply financial assistance for attaining mobility products.

DisabilitEase is a website that supplies a list of many organizations that you will find helpful for attaining affordable or free equipments and supplies that will aid you in the freedom to getting around on your own.

Accessibility in Transportation

Accessibility for passenger vehicles has become a much bigger topic of conversation, especially since self-driving vehicles have been on the test tracks for several years. Google's self-driving car, for example, is an example of how the potential to create unprecedented independence for disabled people is now becoming reality. Although the building blocks of driverless cars are still being constructed, the Google car seems to be performing like a pro in the test phase, and doing just about everything a normal car with a normal driver would do.

Mobility Rentals

If you have mobility concerns, it's always nice to know that you're connected with a mobility rental provider. If you're traveling, a mobility rental service can provide you with the accessibility you need for the places you are going. You can rent for a day, a week or even longer. Visit Mobility Products of El Paso at their website here.

Many mobility users are elderly, but there are also those who are children and working adults. Mobility products are not just for one group of people, rather, they are used by people of all ages, ethnicities, backgrounds and genders. There are some individuals who are inflicted more than others, making it difficult for them to live in an impoverished situation and those who are forced to go to work everyday despite their physical challenges. Disabled World >

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Recently, tech companies have used artificial intelligence, computer vision and voice recognition to provide tools to assist disabled individuals with a better way of life. Additionally, new technologies such as voice-activated speakers and interactive websites, including social media, have widened access to some internet services.

Fully Autonomous Vehicles

Imagine getting into your car and not having to worry about any of the standard driving procedures that you're used to. Yes, a fully autonomous vehicle does just that by negotiating morning traffic allowing you to multi-task on whatever you want. You can cruise to your preferred destination while the car accelerates, breaks, shifts, steers, and applies the blinkers all on its own. Finally, it somehow knows where an available parking spot is.

Indeed, autonomous vehicles will reduce congestion and accidents, and for people with disabilities, it will provide benefits as well. People with disabilities that severely limit their ability to travel will now have a way to travel short and long distances. Commutes of 100 miles or more will become common, as such a trip could take less than 60 minutes.

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