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Does CBD Oil Work?

There's lots of hype with CBD these days. It seems like it's the "cure-all" for the most common aches and pains. CBD has been determined to be safe and effective for many conditions, especially pain, and some will say it decreases inflammation, improves sleep, and is good for anxiety. In fact, some doctors will say the same, even in lieu of inconclusive evidence.

Does CBD actually relieve pain?

Painkilling drugs are known as analgesics. The term "painkiller" is the household term, and there are many types of these painkillers available to treat different types of pain. With so many types of pain that humans experience, it's no wonder why painkillers are so popular. They're available through prescription, over the counter, through online order forms, and they treat everything from acute pain to phantom pain. Altogether, there are about 5 other types of pain that can occur in the human body, but some pain can fit into more than one category which can make it complicated to understand. Just as there are various forms of pain, there seems to be just as many, or more, ways to ease what ails us.

Methods For Dealing With Pain

In order to deal with pain, Americans will consider a number of remedies that have almost become "a way of life," stocking up their medicine cabinets with the latest this and that. Yes, they just seem to "deal with it!" It can be confusing when choosing the best remedy - pain killing drugs (analgesics), yoga, deep breathing, acupuncture, mind meditation, bisphosphonates, steroids and anti-depressants.

CBD,. the first choice?..

Some will say that there's no doubt that CBD will relive pain, and especially if it makes them forget about their mental pain too. But how good is this hemp derivative at treating the pain itself? Does it really treat the source of the pain, or is it just really good at temporarily relieving the symptoms? And does increasing the dosage create a stronger effect that helps to keep pain away for long periods of time?

FDA approval is still pending..

If these questions had definitive answers, then it might make it easier for the FDA to make a decision. While a large number of Americans have jumped on the CBD bandwagon, the FDA is still standing on the sidelines. When considering the scientific evidence point of view, there is simply not enough evidence to prove that it does anything positive as far as:

  • relieving pain
  • healing injuries
  • curing diseases
  • improving body functions including sleep

CBD is an abbreviation of Cannabidiol, and is derived directly from the hemp plant. Hemp is not the same as the marijuana plant, but they are cousins, and while CBD is a component of both, it does not give someone a "high." According to a report from the World Health Organization..

"In humans, CBD exhibits no effects indicative of any abuse or dependence potential... To date, there is no evidence of public health related problems associated with the use of pure CBD."

What is CBD good for?

Despite the claims that CBD is a viable treatment for cancer, there is no evidence that proves it to be true. However, CBD might in fact prove to be a treatment for dealing with pain, anxiety and insomnia. The problem for CBD manufacturers is that they do not have enough evidence that will allow them to suggest a specific dosage amount for any type of ailment.

Furthermore, because CBD is mostly available as an unregulated supplement, it's difficult to know exactly what you're getting, or exactly what it's good for. Various CBD products are being promoted as a substance that will produce positive effects for aliments with no medical proof to back up the claims. This might be considered a public safety issue, as it could put consumer's health at risk, especially in the instance that a person forgoes proven medical treatment in lieu of CBD instead.

If you decide to use CBD, you might want to consult with your doctor. If you're already taking a prescription medication, ask if CBD will interfere with the effects.

The first and only FDA-approved cannabidiol

A bright spot on the horizon is the scientific evidence that shows CBD as a treatment for severe forms of epilepsy, such as Dravet syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome. These rare but severe conditions usually appear in early childhood or infancy and do not always respond to anti-seizure medications. In numerous studies, CBD was able to reduce the number of seizures, and was occasionally able to stop them entirely. Recently, the FDA approved Epidiolex, the first cannabis-derived medicine designed to treat these problems.

The Common Cold

There is still no cure for the common cold, yet the number of cold remedies are enough to fill up one entire row of medications at your local drug store. Cold remedies are moderately priced at about $5, and some are good as far as treating cold symptoms, but that's about all they do.

Is it fair to say that CBD oil falls into the same category? Well, if it treats the symptoms of pain, then maybe it's worth it. However, the average cost of a bottle of CBD oil is about $50.

Does the future look good for CBD?

If there were any signs that CBD was a cure or viable treatment for any of the many common ailments that people experience today, the FDA could classify CBD as a specific treatment for at least one of them. The problem is that there are too many people who are claiming that CBD is a magic formula that acts as a legitimate alternative to pain relievers, sleep aids, and anxiety treatments. With all the hype that comes from nutritionists, retail store owners, resellers and some doctors, the average consumer has a tendency to fall for the marketing strategies and believe all the hype.

There's nothing wrong with making money. Everybody wants to make more of it these days. But when it comes to supplements, nobody really wins or benefits in the end when there's so many unproven products on the shelves. Even the most effective supplements are not guaranteed to work, and occasionally, can end up being a huge waste of money. Remember the original Metabolife 356? Sports Totty? L-Tryptophan? Ephedrine? KW Juice? The Grapefruit Pill?

Indeed, there are some really good supplements on the market these days. Some work so wonderfully in fact that they might show dramatic benefits just as they were advertised, improving your quality of life, and even saving you a trip to the doctor's office. Others might do nothing at all, or even make matters worse by causing sickness or death.

Deceptive Ad Methods

Be mindful NOT to fall for the so-called "articles" that are really just extended ads made to LOOK like articles. Yes, these types of deceptive ads include formatting strategies that are common in creative writing, including titles, sub-headers, quotes, supporting material and footnotes, making you think that you're reading a story-line article. But they are in fact really just extended ads made to look like a news article, scientific write-up, or a medical publication. You will commonly see these types of ads in muscle building magazines and accompanied with big colorful pictures of body builders that are intended to make you think that you could look just like them after regular use of their product.

For CBD, it seems that it gets a boost from people who tend to associate the idea of CBD with the marijuana plant - a misconception. Often, when a pill, formula, or substance is touted as "proven", consumers don't have to hear the breaking news reports, the latest scientific findings, or the case studies published in medical journals before they are confident enough to purchase it. With all of the retail stores that make it so easy to buy it right off the shelf, there are still many people looking for the "cure all," or the "fountain of youth."

Final Thoughts

In all fairness, good things can be said about CBD, as it's showing promise as a treatment for severe forms of epilepsy. There is also strong support for the use of CBD for people who suffer from pain and anxiety. Evidence shows that improved sleep may also be an extra benefit, especially if CBD relieves pain and anxiety that can interfere with REM sleep.

Placebo effects are also a consideration, as CBD oil could possibly help the human mindset as a treatment for a wide range of physical and emotional problems. Human nature has been the same for centuries, and as long as someone is comfortable and open to a familiar idea that gives them peace of mind, then maybe it's really the mind at work rather than a particular substance in the blood.

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